Stealth Nutrition is the UK's latest nutrition brand targeting strength & conditioning.

Stealth Nutrition provides a completely transparent range of premium fitness supplements to those who seek the best. With impeccable attention to detail on developing our unique formulas using patented ingredients, to ensure you get the best in sports nutrition on the market!

Our aim has been to create designer supplements with the most premium active ingredients from around the world. We have produced a clean, effective and premium range of supplements to fit perfectly in to your lifestyle needs:



Our formulas push the boundaries of research and development and use the highest quality ingredients at every opportunity.

  • BLACK CELL - The ultimate fat burner designed to to speed up your metabolism, thermogenically burn calories, and suppress cravings.

  • TARGET - Our focus formula full of high quality and patented ingredients to provide you with more concentration and alertness.
  • BOMB - PRE WORKOUT - Get ready for everything you want in a pre workout. High stim, pump, focus and buzz! You've been warned!

  • RED & GREENS - Fruit and Veg powder packed with vitamins, minerals, pre and probiotics and digestive enzymes.

  • VEGAN PROTEIN - POST WORKOUT - Our multi vegan protein complex available in Chocolate Caramel Cups & Vanilla Cereal Milk flavours.



Our products are manufactured in our own production facility in Yorkshire to GMP standards. We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited and we hold some of the highest standards in hygiene possible.

 We have some unique ingredients combined with unique delicious flavours. We can't wait to hear your feedback on our new products!

Are you ready to be stealth? ...We thought so! Welcome to the Team!